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5 Awesome Female-Led TV Shows

by Poppy Walton (follow)
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We've summed up 5 of our favourite female-led television shows. From teenage murders to government workers, we've got plenty of awesome shows starring fabulous ladies. They're all addictive for their own reasons and they keep our DVD shelves stocked.

1. Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars, teenagers, female led television shows, teen television shows

Pretty Little Liars revolves around four teenage girls who drifted apart when their best friend Alison disappeared, but are reunited after they start receiving creepy texts from the mysterious 'A'. As well as all your regular teenage problems, Aria, Emily, Hannah and Spencer have to deal with near death experiences, dodgy cops, and bodies piling up around them.

Pretty Little Liars is incredibly addicting. We wouldn't be surprised if we're 80 by the time we really learn the truth behind 'A'. Spoiler Alert: You can read the Pretty Little Liars books for an idea of one possible 'A' scenario. We doubt the producers are going to use that exact storyline.

2. Gossip Girl

parks and recreation, teenagers, female led television shows, teen television shows

It took 6 seasons to uncover who the real Gossip Girl was. The show finished in 2012, but we still love watching the re-runs. There's a lot less murder than Pretty Little Liars, but there's just as much scandal in the Upper East Side. We watch Gossip Girl for the fashion, the fights, and the relationships.

Blair and Serena rule the screen. They make plenty of stupid choices that will having you pulling out your hair, but we still love everything about them.

3. Gilmore Girls

parks and recreation, teenagers, female led television shows, teen television shows

Gilmore Girls sits at the other end of the spectrum. The show started in 2000, and would be a teenager itself if it was still running. It's the story of a single mum and her teenage daughter. It's a lot more 'wholesome' than the other shows, and at times it may be a little cheesy, but it's actually a smart and funny show.

The two shows above will have you addicted because of cliff-hangers and mystery; we're addicted to Gilmore Girls because we're so emotionally invested in the characters. Buy all the DVDs and have a Gilmore Girls marathon while you veg out on the couch in your trackies.

4. Don't Trust the 'B' in Apartment 23

don't trust the b in apartment 23, teenagers, female led television shows, teen television shows

Cancelled well before it's time, Don't Trust the 'B' in Apartment 23 is a hilarious comedy about country girl, June, and her New York roommate, Chloe. June is trying to get a job on Wall Street, while Chloe spends most of her time partying or hanging out with her celebrity-best-friend, James Van Der Beek.

The show is over the top and underrated. The episodes are all jumbled up thanks to a messed up schedule in the US, but hopefully an upcoming DVD release of Season 2 will put things in order. Note: This series get a whole load funnier if you've actually watched Dawson's Creek.

5. Parks & Recreation

parks and recreation, teenagers, female led television shows, teen television shows

Out final show isn't about teens or twenty-somethings. It's about local government. I know, right? It might not sound appealing, but give Parks and Recreation a go and chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised. The first season can be a little slow, but stick it out--it's so worth it.

The show stars Amy Poehler as Lesley Knope, an over-achieving government worker who really, really loves her job. It's hard to explain what makes Parks so great. But it just is.

Do any of these make your list of favourite TV shows? What female-led shows would you add to the list?

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Revenge! I love how the women in Revenge seem like total stereotypes on the surface, but when you look closer, they're this whole mess of insecurities and issues. It makes for compelling TV.
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