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5 Tips for Finishing Your Homework on Time

by Poppy Walton (follow)
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Homework is so easy to avoid. In fact, you're probably procrastinating right now while you read this article. Aren't you? Aren't you?

Not doing homework can get you in a lot of trouble and it can really hurt your grades. Here are my tips for getting your homework done on time so that you've got more time to focus on fun things like watching TV or hanging out with friends.

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Stay Postitive
When your teacher announces that you need to complete an entire maths chapter in one night, don't groan--just accept it. Of course it may be annoying and time consuming, but it is still something that needs to be done. To make completing homework a bit more fun treat it like any challenge, and give yourself a reward at the end.

Pay Attention to the Details
Although daydreaming is much more fun, paying attention to your teacher makes completing homework much easier. You can't to the work if you don't have the information, so make sure you write down the exact task. There's also nothing worse than doing more work than you have to. If you only have to complete two questions you don't want to do a whole page just because you weren't listening.

Make Lists
I know, I'm a list freak, I make lists for everything--including homework. Homework lists are good because they tell you what you need to do, you can tick them off when you're finished, and add to them whenever you have something new. Make a big list that sits somewhere prominent near your desk, or get a whiteboard so that the list is easy to update. Having a visual reminder helps remind you what needs to be done and when it needs to be handed in by. Making lists is a great way to get you more organised and help you stay focused.

homework, advice, school, teenagers, complete homework on time

Have a Routine
Finishing your homework on time once does not make you organised. Keeping to the same routine means you're more organised and have more free time. The more you follow your routine, the faster you'll get. Once you've stuck to your homework routine for a while it will become a habit and you'll automatically get stuck into your homework without a second thought.

Stay Tidy
Whether you're working in a study, library or your bedroom, you should always have a clean work area. It's easier to concentrate and you'll feel more motivated when you have a clean desk. A clean desk also means there is less to distract you, so you can focus on your homework without getting sidetracked.

homework, advice, school, teenagers, complete homework on time

Once you've finished your homework you can sit back and enjoy whatever reward you've given yourself.

Do you find any of these tips help you get your homework done on time? What is the biggest obstacle you face when it comes to homework?

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