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Pretty Little Liars: What's Your A Theory?

by Natasha Stewart (follow)
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SPOILER ALERT This article contains spoilers for both the Pretty Little Liars television show and book series. So if you're not up to date or you don't want to know any spoilers we suggest you tune out now/

pretty little liars, who is a, a theories, pretty little liars theories

Ever since the first episode of Pretty Little Liars we've had one question: "Who is A?" We're almost at season 5 and we still don't know; in fact, it's almost hard to remember all of the people who have been suspects in the A line-up now that they've been murdered or cleared of guilt.

Apart from the Halloween episode, we're now waiting till 2014 for any more clues. So we want to know your theories about A's identity and about the rest of the show. Spoilers are welcome; if you don't want to read spoilers you probably shouldn't be reading this article.

pretty little liars, who is a, a theories, pretty little liars theories

Here's a few of the things we're exited to find out:

Is Ali alive? We were hoping that Mrs. Grunwald was going to confirm Ali really was still alive. We know she pulled her out of the ground on the night she went missing, but she's still only got a 'feeling' that Ali is there.

pretty little liars, who is a, a theories, pretty little liars theories

Is there an evil twin? In the Pretty Little Liars book series Ali has a twin called Courtney. Her existence helps tie up a lot of the loose ends and questions surrounding the mystery. While it's unlikely they'll end up with the same conclusion as the books, there have still been plenty of hints pointing to a possible twin.

What is Ezra's Deal? If we're being honest, we've always found Ezra and Aria's relationship a little bit creepy. After he storms into the Ravenswood lair we're led to believe he might be a slightly more important piece to the puzzle. If he had a relationship with Ali too his creep factor raises about a million. Is Ezra Big A? We're not sure yet, but we're looking forward to a possible darker side.

pretty little liars, who is a, a theories, pretty little liars theories

So what are your Pretty Little Liar's theories? Who is A? Who is Ali scared of? Can Mona be trusted?

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